3rd Party

by MC Brooks

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Weed smoke and vodka shots
Guaranteed to make our body rock
Meanwhile your heart has stopped
But I'm giving all I've got

Is this what you want?
Is he what you want?
Is this what you want?
Is he what you want?

I gotta know x3
You tell me not to worry
Someone's creepin and I know it's gonna hurt me

Texts going unanswered
Sex now with no passion
You say it has to be different
While so afraid of commitment
He must be special, and I wish I was
You say I am but I don't feel the love
You're so close and so distant
Don't hold me then go missin
Your heart speaks, my soul listens

Break up to make up, we running in circles
It's pain for the pleasure and you know I won't hurt you
And you won't hurt me even though we both hurtin
And we're one in the same in this moment for certain
I'm slidin inside you, wonderin whats the purpose
Wonder if this is the reason I'm searchin
Though you're still here, and I fear for the future
Cause I want you back and this just brings me confusion
I'm losin my brain, what we do is insanity
We should deal with the real, though we live in this fantasy
And we become one with the moon and the stars
And you shine like the sun when I'm shootin for Mars
Losing my scars when I'm winning you back
We fightin and fuckin tryna finish the match
Are we wastin our time or chasing the sign
What we lost, just to embrace what we find


released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved